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Decide on the Paragraph Settings to Use: With our sample chapters, we can also try out different paragraph settings.

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In MS Word, the Paragraph settings determine paragraph indents, widow and orphan control, and hyphenation. Most fiction books will indent every paragraph except the first paragraph of each chapter and scene. There are two camps of believers in how to handle these. Some hate widows and orphans and work to eliminate them even if pages end up with different numbers of lines per page.

Decide which camp you fall into and check the appropriate boxes in the Paragraph settings unless you want to fix them manually see Step 8. However, some hate the look of hyphens, so we again have to decide on which camp we fall into and mark the appropriate checkboxes. We might have styles for chapter headings, chapter body, chapter body first paragraphs with no indent , copyright page, header and footer, frontmatter and backmatter pages, etc. Tip: We can either create new styles with the settings we want, or we can update the current style of the paragraph to match the current settings.

Styles can include however many settings we want as far as font face, font size, tabs, line spacing, italics, centered or justified, hyphenation, etc. Tip: Select a paragraph with the settings you like and right click. At the bottom of the right-click menu, highlighting Style will allow us to select Update style or Save As a new style. Decide on the Margins and Gutter: Whatever template we use will have certain margin settings already in place. However, we may think those margins are too big or too small and want to change them. The gutter is where the pages of a book attach to the spine. Tip: CreateSpace requires certain minimum margins. Use the sample chapters already pasted in to check for the look, readability, white space around headers and footers, etc.

Print out another sample page if desired for a double check. Then in the future, we can click on this template to start new documents for print formatting with these settings. Decide on the Special Formatting for Our Book At this point, we can copy and paste in our whole book. Exceptions would include chapter headings, scene or chapter first paragraphs, etc. Tip: Styles can sometimes remove the italics from our story.

Compare to the original manuscript to find missing formatting and fix. Here are a few nitpicky decisions I ran across during my formatting:. There are several appropriate page sizes, margin sizes, etc. There are probably hundreds of readable book-style fonts. Many of these choices come down to what we want for our book. Only we can decide how much we care and which way we want to go.

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Hopefully, this list gives us ideas about our choices so we can decide the right approach for us. Save As or Print as a PDF to upload to CreateSpace, and a finished book might be just half a day and a print cover and the CreateSpace and the shipping delay away from being in our hands. And as I can tell you with Treasured Claim , boy, does it feel good to hold.

Would you like to format your own print books? Have you tried it before?

Did you think about all these decision steps? Does this list help you know what you need to prepare and do? Do you have any questions for me about print formatting? I thought that would be the most annoying and time consuming part of it. Thanks, Jami! I found I actually enjoyed it.

So I discarded the rope. I hope that helps! But I really enjoyed the whole process. I also know Word backwards and upside down, so it was easy for me to fiddle with the template and get it just the way I wanted it. FontSquirrel is a good source.

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And thanks for the font insight! Yes, it definitely depends on the font. Like you, I went with a font I could get a commercial license for. Thanks for the correction! Constantia is probably my favorite font ever love it! Oh my gosh I had to keep rereading them to understand.


Hi Serena, LOL! I love the Constantia font too! However, to do that teaching, the entire font file has to be included, which means that embedding in an ebook is essentially sharing—or distributing—that font file for free. So fonts embedded in ebooks have to be free for commercial use and free for distribution. Those are two different licensing ideas. I have one embedded font in my ebook, just for the chapter titles.


A manipulative Southern Belle is blackmailed by her handyman, a semi- professional boxer. Paranormal Pulp is a series of nervous stories. Many of them were. Results 1 - 48 of [PDF] Boxed Out (Paranormal Pulp Book 5) by Leroy Smith, Elizabeth Smith. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

Embedding in a PDF is trickier. Constantia is not free for commercial use. Thanks for sharing that insight and advice! Thanks again! Thanks to my other commenters for the help! Thank you, this sums it up really well! I have both tried Lulu and CreateSpace for print editions, and I must say the latter is more complicated, but also far better. Formatting always takes me time and sweat and blood… And then I have to wait up to 3 months for the book to ship from America to Sri Lanka! The widespread and severe poverty created by the Great Depression has carried thousands of people to the American railroad system, desperately looking for work.

Shivers pay for the brutal murder of his daughter. And not only will they have to get to the bottom of it if they want to survive, they also have to do it in complete and utter darkness. The Rising: the moment when the world froze in horror and watched as the dead came back to life, driven by genetically engineered viruses. The infected move with only one motivation in mind: to feed. More than a zombie horror novel, this blockbuster work transcends the form to ask serious questions of politics, power, and the right to information.

A governmental experiment to develop an immunity-boosting drug based on a South American bat goes horribly wrong when it leads to the creation of a highly contagious virus that turns people into vampire-like beings — beings that are always on the hunt for fresh blood. At the centre of it all is Amy, a young girl abandoned in a terrifying world, and the key to saving humanity.

But as Frank knows, history is not easily forgotten — and under the small-town charm and southern hospitality lurks an unspoken presence that has been waiting for a debt of blood to be paid. Jacob Marlowe is a werewolf with class: he reads Kant, drinks Scotch, and enjoys all means of modern sophistication.

The pandemic that wreaked havoc on Earth is finally starting to subside, and the first goal for civilization is to start rebuilding Manhattan, aka Zone One.

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In order to do so, they need to start by getting rid of those who have been infected but not yet died, aka zombies. But what seems like a fairly straightforward first step in reclaiming the Big Apple is about to take an even more chilling turn. Fans of H. In The Croning , Laird Barron has crafted a weird horror story for the ages: one in which affable geologist Donald Miller discovers dark things existing in the shadows of our vision… and savage secrets about his family that will make him re-examine everything that he thought he knew.

Creepy and atmospheric, this novel from the rising star of cosmic horror will make you understand that we are all Children of the Old Leech. New Hyde Hospital has a psychiatric ward that keeps its patients up in the evenings: they claim that a hungry monster prowls the hallways at night. According to them, it has the body of an old man and the head of a bison. And Pepper, the newest resident who was falsely accused of mental illness, is about to meet it for himself.

Victor Lavalle knocks it out of the park again in this riveting read in which the most horrifying thing might not even be the Devil — but your own mind. Caitlin R. Kiernan is one of the finest horror writers out there when it comes to blending the gothic and the fantastic. She elevates her game even more with this ghost story about India Morgan Phelps, a schizophrenic girl who one day picks up Eve Canning on the street — and who, in turn, might be a werewolf, mermaid, or siren.

Kiernan is one of the rare authors who can up the suspense quotient to insane levels while writing about mental illness with the sensitivity that it deserves. For some reason, meth has granted Chase and his friends against the plague. More than anything else, it almost seems like a second chance… but as the excuse to continue using meth presents itself, Chase starts to question what separates him from the zombies. Countless monsters inspired by Frankenstein have cropped up in the years since Mary Shelley first published her seminal novel, but none have come closer to recreating the surrealist terror than Frankenstein in Baghdad.

She roams Black Spring with her eyes and mouth sewn shut, vestiges of when she was first put to death for her crimes. And even as the townspeople who are cursed to remain in Black Spring forever put practical measures in place to avoid her — such as a mobile app to keep track of her movements — her wrath cannot be quashed. Especially when another strange death connected to the Cordovas occurs shortly after.

The Kings of Maine are thoroughly represented on this list — and with good reason.