Communication Transformation

‘Transformation is a battle and communications are too important to leave to chance’
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After all, your employees are at the heart of digital transformation; it makes sense that they should be at the heart of your message too.

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Once you establish an effective communication method, what follows is a unified team that is marching toward the same goals. Most businesses have undergone a digital transformation. Here's how communication has shifted in recent years.

By putting yourself in their shoes, and thinking and speaking from their perspective, you immediately capture their attention, build engagement and establish authority. In order for employees to effectively drive transformation, they have to feel empowered to do so, rather than simply being told it is their responsibility. Transformation is at its essence about breaking down silos and giving employees more agility and space to innovate, but at the same time, they need to be given parameters within which to work. Be clear about your expectations, what resources employees have at their disposal to achieve these expectations, and when and how they should report their progress.

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As those at the coalface who will be driving the change, it is important they feel as involved in the process as possible. When implementing digital transformation at an organisation, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome will be that of inertia.

4 things to remember when communicating for digital transformation

Simply put, getting an entire organisation to shift in a whole new direction is not an easy task. You need to inspire your employees to want to change. This is not the time for the same old corporate speak. Storytelling can also be a powerful way to engage with your audience on a fundamentally human level, appealing to their empathy and imaginations.


A well-crafted story can move people in a way a slide packed with facts and figures can never do. Initiating digital transformation at an organisation is akin to steering a ship into uncharted waters.

Now, imagine yourself as a crew member on that metaphorical ship. Which would you rather see: a captain who is hunched over the wheel, unsure about which course to take and struggling to keep his or her balance, or one who is standing upright, looking steadfastly ahead and steering confidently? In the same way, the subtle cues you are giving off can make a world of difference in how your message is received. Your employees need to see a strong leader at the helm. So stand tall, with your shoulders back and your feet grounded — this will help you project authority and confidence.

Your Roadmap to Communication Transformation

You should also use open, considered and expansive gestures, which signal your willingness to embrace change as well as welcome input and collaboration. One aspect of digital transformation is that it inevitably changes the ways in which you communicate. You may, for example, be using collaborative tools with message boards or group chat features, or you may be teleconferencing or videoconferencing on a more regular basis.

Successfully Communicating Transformation - G2G3

Ensure the delivery method suits the circumstances and needs of both you and the receiver s. However, thanks to software and the proliferation of handheld devices there has never been a better time to digitally transform your internal communications. At SocialChorus, we recently analysed data across our global programs, with information from more than 1.

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We looked at the figures from hundreds of millions of user events, and millions of emails and push notifications sent and surveyed end users. Most communicators publish content to multiple sources, including company intranets and newsletters, but employees are three times more likely to interact with mobile than web-based content.

We identified and studied the most active, retained users, who came back to their company apps frequently over 90 days. According to the survey, two-thirds of workers also found their company app easier and faster than other content sources, such as their intranet, email, and printed materials.

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In addition, mobile apps proved their worth when trying to reach a distributed workforce and deskless workers, such as retail and factory employees. Communicators and company leaders who use video to communicate with employees see three times higher click-through rates than any other type of content. The top-performing videos measured by percentage of likes were either less than 30 seconds in length or seconds long.

However, one area where companies are failing is in spamming their employees and assuming that one size fits all. This observation breaks down into a few key areas.

Content should be bite-sized and varied. We found that employees use their company app for around two minutes at a time. The way in which it is presented should all be mixed up. A variety of visuals ranging from photos to infographics will help employees to grasp your communications more easily. Make them want to come back for more. We found that those who varied their messages from contests to personal and professional tips, employee recognition and awards as well as emergency alerts and short messages from the CEO had far more success in engaging their employees.

The survey found nearly double the clickthrough rate with targeted channels when people felt more engaged with relevant content. As we know from our own consumer encounters there is nothing better than a personalised experience. We found that users who personalised their content feeds were four times more likely to still be using the app after 90 days. Two-thirds of users surveyed found news on their company app easier and fast than other content sources such as intranets and company newsletters.

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Embracing handheld devices also helped for delivering push notifications. With all this talk of snackable content, delivery via different channels you could think that email no longer matters.