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It was open, acknowledging and welcoming. It was real and refreshing and full. It was inspirational. The atoll we were camping at is Moho Caye. From 10am-3pm day trippers can visit the island. Some days as many as twenty people might show up, while other days perhaps only five. We all agreed it was spectacular.

A remarkable opportunity to relish the beauty of a private island to ourselves. We sung around the campfire and skinny dipped in the ocean.

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This was our island and we embraced it and it in return it showered us with lovely memories. There is absolutely nothing in the world so wonderful as belly laughing. Laugh yourself silly. Laugh yourself happy. Laugh yourself healthy. We laughed over stories. We laughed over songs. We laughed over games.

We found so much to bring smile and laughter to our time together, even though we had known each other such a short while. It was a happy and full experience of genuine spirited female fun.

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But in addition some of my most favorite moments were when we all did yoga together on the beach, creating an awareness within us as well as pulling the positive energy into our bodies. We also spent time making beach art and describing our beach art to each other.

One day we walked around our island and brought back something from nature. We then spent time with Mr.

Then together we shared. It was great fun as the items collected ranged from a gecko to driftwood, from coral to leaves and branches. Our island shared its deep natural history. As much as she felt she should be home with her family, we became her family that day and showered her with love. It was very affirming to me, to feel the love and joy being heaped on our friend and her departed kin. Of caring for myself in a way that gives me the strength to care for others.

And above all, being fully present. A reminder to center myself and just be. We were surprised at the dingy, brown color of the water that surrounded Belize City, but as we ventured further and further from shore, the water began to get increasingly blue vibrant. San Pedro is a small island with a full-fledged Caribbean vibe. The downtown area is about 4 blocks wide and maybe 15 blocks long. In that space, there were a total of active bars, or so we were told.

A perfect place for us to cut loose with some family for a few days.

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Patrick and Claire bought a dive package and were in the water every day. I joined them for one of the days and it was incredible. I seemed to luck out with the weather, as the previous day was too windy to even dive past the barrier reef. Esmeralda was beautiful.

Located just offshore and outside of the barrier reef, the spot was ft. The water was clear and blue, with a visibility of about ft. The coral was an array of vibrant purples, greens, and reds, and the fish covered all the colors in the rainbow. There were lots of nurse sharks , ranging in size from 3 ft.

I want to travel the world, for the rest of my life.

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Marlon B. August was born in the wild western town of San My Life & Travels In Belize by [August, Marlon]. My Life and Travels in Belize [Marlon August] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the Foreword Like many great books, this one had its.

They had big, round bodies and long, thrasher like tails, swimming only 20 ft. They were graceful yet extremely intense. Aside from the diving, our days of island life consisted of exactly what you would expect; drinking and relaxing. The drinking on San Pedro is especially fun if you are a fan of bar hopping. One of my favorite spots was the Palapa Bar , which was a big bar built on a dock over the water. On the back side they have a handful of inner tubes in the water tied to ropes for patrons to hang out in. Above the tubes they have a bucket on a pulley system used to send out cold beers when you are ready for your next round.

Another cool spot is called Dive Bar, this one features an array of games in the sand, along with kayaks and paddle boards that are free for patrons to use. We had an especially enjoyable time at a placed called the Truck Stop. This spot was made up of 5 individual shipping containers converted into food stands, along with a single bar, and a slew of picnic tables in the center.

Behind the containers there were some games like giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, cornhole, ect. Behind that was a great little swimming pool , outdoor screen for movie nights, and a deck jetting out over the water with a beautiful sunset view over the bay. That night also happened to be Family Feud night at the Truck Stop, where they pull groups of 4 out of the crowd to play the Feud. As you can imagine, Lindsey was the first in line to get us signed up.

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There were eight teams called up, and the highest two scores from those first 4 games got to play in the final round. In the end, we had a great night of drinking and kicking ass, and it was all on the house! The next stop on our island-hopping tour was Caye Caulker, which was only a short 30 min.

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This destination is perfect for a family with teenagers because they get ultimate freedom from us in a controlled and safe environment. Most of the people that decide to live this lifestyle don't have a lot of money. The fact that we could do what we wanted when we wanted worked perfectly for us. Just know that in all likelihood, within the reserve you are probably not too far away from one. What a game it was. Your email address will not be published. The central bus station is the place to go for all of your travel needs.

The island is very small, only a fraction of the size of San Pedro, and is not very developed. There are only 2 main roads running north to south on this island with about blocks. No roads are paved, and golf carts are the only vehicles on the island. As with most Caribbean islands, drinking was the number one sport. Like San Pedro, the island was covered with waterfront bars and pubs, although with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere.

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I was thrown from the nest n this adventure and loved it immensely. Thank you for challenging me and loving me and for my new friends who I hope to meet again someday. No Problem Eric, I salute you. I hope you find what you are looking for and I wish you joy. Reply JMAC. This makes my heart smile. Women are surreal at times and the bonds between us are indescribable at times.

That inner gut instinct of friendship and caring cannot be understood by the male species. So needed. Completes us. We just get it.