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Never demean anyone with rude jokes or an unwelcome nickname. Negativity in any form is to be avoided. If you hear gossip, don't join in, be indifferent to it. If you disagree with others, do so respectfully. Don't verbally attack or condemn them. Be a calming, happy influence in any stressful situation and maintain your composure. If you make an appointment, arrive on time or even a bit early. If you're going to be late, always call and let them know.

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Never arrive early for a social engagement; your host may still be getting dressed. Your explanation as to WHY you cannot keep your promise must be perfectly acceptable and not due to your own fault. It should also be returned promptly and if possible in better-than-original condition.

When someone lends you money and you owe it to return this loan, then NEVER forget or delay this payment back. Be helpful. Open doors regardless of gender. Men should always open doors for women. Don't address elders and seniors by their names, unless they have specially asked you to.

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Stand up when an elder or a guest enters the room and don't sit until you've offered them a seat. Stand when the national anthem is playing. Show respect to the flag. Be involved in a variety of community service organisations.

Lower the music or TV volume when others are talking or trying to sleep. Wear clean clothes at home. They do not remain seated, e. They should also offer the best seats. If you have guests, be with them when they are leaving, making their visit pleasant to the end. Even if it is very hot never sit at the table without a shirt. Wash your hands before and after a meal.

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Wait also until everyone else is sitting down before you sit down. If grace is said, wait to eat until it is completed.

Start eating only after the host has started. Wait until everyone is served before eating, and only start eating after the host has started. It shows consideration.

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At a buffet, never overload your plate as it makes you look greedy. It is better to take less and return for seconds. When you sit down, place the napkin on your lap.


Lovely, lovely site! Successfully reported this slideshow. When the affection IS the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Sponsored Links. It's called manners. It si very simple thing to learn manners is very important part of life.

Sit up straight and don't slouch. Put both your hands on the table, but never your elbows. Always use a napkin to dab your mouth remember, dab your mouth only!

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Your napkin should be on your lap when not in use. Start with the cutlery furthest away from your plate and work yourself in towards your plate. Eat slowly, but keep up with your host. Also, don't fill your mouth with food - it looks gross! See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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Ponder some quotations about the importance of having good manners in all areas of life. Here are some etiquette quotes by well known. Etiquette Sayings and Quotes. Below you will find Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them. Bill Kelly. “ Etiquette .

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