Senna: The Legacy Lives on (A Tribute to Ayrton Senna)

Amazing tribute to Ayrton Senna
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An exhausted Senna at Interlagos in By , Senna had 26 victories to his name but was still yet to win the Brazilian Grand Prix , with a curse seemingly preventing him from winning at home. The Brazilian had lost third, fourth and fifth gear and to add insult to injury, it began to rain. Senna held on to victory having driven the final few laps stuck in sixth gear, but was left so exhausted the Brazilian had to be lifted from his car in one of motorsport's most iconic scenes.

Senna went from fifth to first on the first lap.

Brundle scarcely disguises his contempt at so astonishing a decision. What makes me angry is that we raced past a pool of his blood for 55 laps.

I thought that was disrespectful, and not the right thing to do. Keke Rosberg told me, then I told Ron Dennis.


We all knew something was up. For she had also been taken to a hospital ward, to give birth to her second son, when she heard the news. On what ought to have been the happiest day, she struggled to compute that this impeccably-mannered Brazilian boy, on whom she had doted since he first based himself at her hotel in , would never again be checking into suite It is an awful memory. I prefer to remember the good person, the strong driver who wanted to win at any cost.

Luisa Tosoni, the owner of the Hotel Castello. The full explanation for why Senna, who could make an F1 car dance through the most devilish corners, went straight on at Tamburello is mired in claim and counter-claim. Hill, however, after 20 years in which the sport has pursued almost every legal and scientific avenue to establish the answer, is adamant in ascribing it to straightforward driver error.

My calculation was that he had been pressing on, and the car was very, very tricky over those bumps.

Brundle draws a contrasting conclusion. It was probably a set-up issue — a combination of low tyre pressure, an odd aerodynamic effect on the car, and Ayrton pushing hard against Schumacher. But the impression is that his steering column failed. Television replays highlighted how a loose object was creating an obstruction close to Tamburello, but this was almost half a mile from the point where Senna veered off track.

Nonetheless, the emphasis that Hill places upon the bumps in this area is valid, since Senna had specifically complained about the rough surface in pre-season testing there. Then, of course, there is the question of culpability on the part of the Imola circuit itself.

Ímola hosts “Ayrton Senna Tribute” starting this Wednesday

Tributes at Imola to Senna from all corners of the globe. To protect errant cars the creek should have been redirected, but Senna found nothing to diminish his speed as he hurtled off course into the horribly unforgiving expanse of a retaining wall. In place of that wall there is now only a wire fence, festooned with Brazilian flags and small posies of flowers to mark the spot at which his life was so savagely cut short.

But his admiration of the driver with whom he was able to spend just three races at Williams is boundless.

The fact that he never offered anything other than his absolute best incurred greater risk, and he knew that. So I believe he was one of the most courageous racing drivers there has ever been — the most gifted, the most fascinating. Twenty years later, there is still no threat to his status. Schumacher, Fangio, Prost and Sebastian Vettel have garnered more titles, but Senna is heralded as the greatest by every contemporary and every young pretender who has come since. They marvel at the dexterity of one who could propel himself from fifth to first inside 40 seconds in the wet, at the audacity of one who shunted Prost into Suzuka dirt without so much as a trace of contrition.

For Brundle, the abiding example of his craftsmanship will always be his mastery of the sinuous angles of Monte Carlo, where Senna could carve not just tenths off his lap-times but whole seconds. It was a belief. He was convinced that he had been given a singular opportunity by God, and he had the personality to make the most of it.

These are the qualities that make special people in history. A statue of Senna behind Tamburello, within the Acqua Minerale public park, captures his enigmatic aspect beautifully.

Ayrton Senna Legacy lives on

The bronze figure is sitting, earnest and contemplative, as if perched on the pit wall. The statue of Senna at Imola. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. For us it is a great honor and responsibility.

Monaco Grand Prix, 1984

Our commitment is to never sully the name of the man who left us his legacy in testament, for the generations to come. First tribute website www. Our project is a small contribution to the character and work of Ayrton Senna.

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Obrigado Senna. Prost claimed the championship in , and Senna his second and third championships in and This season marked a turning point in Senna's career as, throughout the year, he built a deep relationship with Honda, which paid big dividends, as McLaren had secured Williams's supply of Honda's V6 turbo engines for I have experienced new sensations, and I want more. Test runs were conducted at various circuits, including five sessions with prototypes at the Suzuka Circuit where chief NSX engineer Shigeru Uehara and his team were present to gather Senna's direct input. Active suspension".

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