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While some are harmless and idiomatic, danglers often produce a slipshod effect and can impede reading. Here are several from recent days that we should have fixed. Not the emergency repairs. His family said it hoped that in publicizing the diagnosis, more attention would be paid to medical research linking football and traumatic brain injuries.

A former French ambassador to Israel, Mr. This is a common sort of dangler, involving an appositive phrase.

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The meaning is clear, but the phrasing is clumsy and inelegant. Here the dangler is just part of the problem. For clarity, avoid times more , times faster , times bigger , etc. Write four times as much or as fast , etc. Marnia Davis.

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This is a unique tale of a sentient ape and his part in the saving of a prince and battle against the coming apocalypse. Showing 1 - 60 of Results Show 20 per page 40 per page 60 per page per page. Ghosts from throughout the decades can be seen inside the rooms. He spent years working among Balanda, watching on in grief as his people died from the illnesses they brought. He may not have physically hurt her, but he still expects the devotion to Society, and family, her father expected. Unfortunately, as his Song of Ice and Fire series continues, each successive volume grows even more bloated. But outing the killer so early in the book made the rest more interesting, now you get chapters that show you where he came from, what he was about.

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Kakadu: the Crocodile Dundee tour of Australia's wetland wonderland

The Kugler Dynasty Danglers. Jun 23, AM. Despite the inconvenience of displaying them, they are exchanged frequently with hundreds of cars in off-site storage so those can be seen, too. In a closing of the circle, his family purchased it after his death. Believe it or not, the family is still adding to the collection. NAAM member. Note: For more about the Opel, go to www.

Location: nd Street, Tacoma, WA Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a. Regularly scheduled tours of about two hours run throughout the day. For airplane geeks this is the ultimate lodging. Boeing recently announced that in the not too distant future they may stop production of the The iconic, humped airliner was the first of the Jumbo Jets and revolutionized air travel since PanAm first started flying them in For those who are fans of this airplane, the current crop of them will fly on for years.

But with the Jumbo Stay hotel you have the opportunity to sleep on a , and not just in an uncomfortable coach seat while flying a red-eye over the ocean. For travelers seeking a Stockholm Arlanda Airport hotel, the is a marvelous sight. When you stand right below it you realize how enormous these flying machines really are. Guests take the elevator up to the former main passenger deck to check-in. The passenger seating area is now a long corridor with rooms on either side. You too can sleep in an engine cowling or just walk on the wing at the Jumbo Stay Arlanda.

Most of the rooms are simple, resembling cabins on a cruise ship with upper and lower berths, and shared bathrooms. For the full Stockholm hostel experience, a few rooms four, to be exact are actually contained in the former engine cowlings, resembling sleeping in a gypsy caravan. The much-coveted cockpit suite is located, of course, in the former cockpit.

It includes what used to be the first-class lounge. As a special treat the port wing is open for a stroll and some plane-spotting on the nearby runway. There are even a few tables to eat the breakfast that is provided. A shuttle runs regularly to the airport terminal, which is only five minutes away.

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We used the shuttle in the evening to have dinner at one of the airport restaurants overlooking the busy runway. They are conveniently located before security, so anyone can eat there, not just someone with a flight ticket. Prefer a more conventional airport hotel? Check Arlanda Airport Hotels here. Looking for something in central Stockholm? Check Stockholm Hotels here. We make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

We have spent more than 5 months in Bucharest during multiple visits in the past two years and love the city. Read on for our recommendations for the best hotels in Bucharest, Romania plus apartments in all price ranges. Already know the area where you want to stay? Use these links for quick access to reviews of Bucharest hotels in each neighborhood:.

Many hotels and apartments will describe themselves in a particular sector. The 6 sectors are shaped sort of like wedges of a pie radiating outward. The sectors extend to a ring road on the outskirts of the city. Bucharest is a big city; you might select a hotel in the same sector as the sights you want to see.

This will help you determine which are the best hotels in Bucharest for those sights and activities of interest to you. The center point from where the Sectors radiate is very near to Old Town. Most of the Bucharest attractions of interest to visitors will be north of this. No matter what your budget or preference in accommodation, Bucharest has plenty of options. Bucharest accommodation runs the gamut from 5-star luxury, to cheap hotels, to apartments. Romania is a good value for travelers from Western Europe and North America.

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The City that Traveled the World: Danglers: Book Two [Studio Dongo] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty-four nautical miles off the. The City that Traveled the World: Danglers: Book Two - Kindle edition by Studio Dongo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

If your tastes run more toward a boutique hotel, Bucharest has plenty to offer in in that category. For more budget-minded travelers, there are an abundance of midrange and cheap hotels in Bucharest city centre. Even if your lodging preference is for a hostel, Bucharest has them, but we suggest considering a hotel or studio apartment.

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Bucharest apartments for travelers are plentiful, and available throughout the city. A note about pricing: whether searching for an apartment or hotel, central Bucharest offers an excellent value. That said, prices can fluctuate based on availability. For the purposes of this guide we have used US dollars and grouped accommodations into four general categories:.