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Added by Ralf Schneider about 3 years ago I created a meeting with 4 persons, but none of them received an invitation email. I expected that these invitation emails are sent. Is that correct? Replies 8.

New draft Management Plan for the Wolf Population sent for comments

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Best regards, Robin. I configured the users to receive notifications for all actions in all of their projects.

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A central goal of the measures detailed in the management plan is to support local people living in wolf territories. An important element in this work are the wolf territory cooperation groups made up of representatives from different interested parties.

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According to the new draft of the management plan, the work of these groups should be further developed. Dialogue is also needed at the international level.

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With this in mind, the draft management plan includes measures for strengthening cooperation with Sweden and Norway, for example. Jaana Husu-Kallio , Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and chair of the steering group in charge of the project to update the management plan, feels the process has been a success and extends her gratitude to all who participated.

I am especially pleased with the good team spirit we had during the preparations, even though the matter itself was quite challenging. We need to keep up this good dialogue moving forward, too. To make sure this happens, we plan to continue engaging in productive dialogue at annual wolf forums, for example. We also plan to organise regular, cross-regional events dealing with wolf-related issues at the local level.

In addition, we must focus on strengthening communications, which has been indicated as a measure in the management plan, Husu-Kallio emphasises. The basis for the updated management plan is the original plan adopted in The most important changes concern the measures detailed in the plan. The new plan also includes three project plans, which are related to wolf-related communications, creating a game sighting service and planning population management-based hunting.

Population management-based hunting can be added as a project if the judgments of the European Court of Justice and the Supreme Administrative Court allow for this.

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Related Blog Posts. Most of the English learners I've known are quite surprised by how they've understood every word in a sentence, but the meaning still escapes them. None: No action is taken. You can check the Properties of the original item to see if GroupWise was able to retract it. The recipient sees next to the message.

The targets, method of implementation and conditions of population management-based hunting will be planned in cooperation with the relevant interest groups. The project has a preparation group and a steering group, both of which have met several times over the course of the project.

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The groups also received suggestions on updating the management plan through an electronic survey sent to wolf territory cooperation groups and at events for interested parties organised in spring in cooperation with the regional wildlife councils. Examples of sent in a Sentence Ted Cruz : Iowa has sent notice. Amanda Bourman on Instagram : God sent his angels to watch over us. William Davis : She sent that airplane without 40 passengers. Wayne Flynt : Nelle might have sent it to Louise or to Alice. Mike Conaway : Had Mueller asked for it, we would have sent it. Popularity rank by frequency of use sent 1 Select another language:.

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