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The dolphin hunts in Taigi Bay are equally as disgraceful, cruel and vicious as harpooning whales. The Japanese fishermen conduct huge roundups of schools of dolphin, driving them into Taigi Bay where they are brutally and painfully slaughtered or set aside for sale to aquariums. The bay literally turns red with blood. This behavior is simply aberrant and abnormal. Most ocean advocates know that dolphins and likely orcas are the most intelligent mammals in the world — second only to humans, but obviously well beyond the intelligence of the people who hunt, murder, and sell them.

Despite international disapproval, I suspect that Japanese pride and ego keep them from bowing to world condemnation and pressure to desist in these moribund activities. The Japanese are not the only ones with a penchant for murdering non-aggressive mammals. This year the Faroe Islanders have also been on a rampage.

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The Faroe Islanders have killed over whales, with 50 whales being slaughtered yesterday alone. The reason? Norwegians and Icelanders also still hunt whales. So what can be done about this? Boycotting products from those countries is a good start. Support the efforts of groups working to combat these atrocities. Their abusive training methods have finally been exposed, so they should absolutely not be allowed to keep ANY whale or dolphin in captivity.

Yet they do.

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Demand that orcas, dolphins and porpoises be set free. Swimming pools are not an appropriate place for this ocean traveling mammals. Saving Our Oceans covers in detail the topic discussed here. Click here to contact us to place your order.

Wednesday, August 28, Too Many Predators. India's sixth largest city is struggling with a depleted aquifer and it is far from being alone. Despite the cataclysmic amount of rainfall parts of the country received this year and many areas are still getting deluged depleted aquifers are still a threat worldwide.

According to Saving Our Oceans there are 37 major aquifers on the planet. Of this number 21 are on the verge of collapse. Beijing, Singapore and Mexico City are literally sinking. Closer to home El Paso Texas is now preparing for "toilet to tap" water due to the Hueco Bolson aquifer potentially running dry by The technology already exists to treat toilet water to drinking water standards, but for obvious reasons doing so has a poor public image.

Other areas do this, however, and no one has ever gotten sick from drinking the treated water.

1. For the one whose muscles are always tight: The best foam roller

In the mid-west, which has one of the world's largest aquifers, the Ogallala, a third of this aquifer's water was used in 30 years, largely by farmers withdrawing water at an unsustainable rate. California's Central Valley aquifer is also showing signs of depletion.

Perfect for muscles that need a little extra TLC. If someone you love could use a book that will get them off the couch and outside crushing miles, look no further. Never before has a book actually made me want to get outside and run for hours and I do mean hours. Ultramarathon champion Scott Jurek takes the reader through his most treacherous and exciting races and makes a simple marathon look like child's play.

He recounts winning mile races and the food that helped fuel him to the finish.

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For monthly motivation, stories of both elites and regular folks is the perfect way to keep lacing up the sneakers. If there is one common takeaway from all of these gifts for runners, let it be this: Runners are smelly. Instead, make sure they are armed with the proper de-stinking supplies.

All you need to be able to do is simply twist one of these sneaker balls and toss it in the offending shoe, and you can wave goodbye to the sweaty feet smell that your nose has grown accustomed to. There are some people who can wake up and sprint out the door, eager for their morning run. Then, there are normal people, who need a little extra pick-me-up for conquering early morning miles.

Simple, easy, and efficient, it is what both your coffee brewing process and morning run should both strive to be. Night owls can safely rejoice with this reflective vest that makes runners highly visible to traffic.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I would like to explain why I decided to write this eBook. and Market Your eBook (Beginner's Guide to Publishing on Amazon) - Kindle edition by Steve The author loves what he does, and you can feel it as you become absorbed in "You Too Can Moonlight As An Amazon Bestseller. You know that reading You-too-can-moonlight-as-an-amazon-bestseller- beginners-guide-to-publishing-on-amazon-english-edition is incredibly useful because.

With winter looming, the sun is setting earlier and earlier, making a 6 p. Adjustable straps and reflectors on both the front and back ensure that runners will be vibrant and noticeable, even on the dimmest of paths. The footbed on these bad boys is designed to cradle the arches and reduce stress on ankles, knees, and the lower back. Cranky runners will jump for joy or just slightly hop I repeat, no matter what. Some runners can just open up the front door, sprint down the steps, and start their run with just the shoes on their feet.

Others like to carry a few extra items with them. This belt is reminiscent of a fanny pack, but far sleeker, ensuring your giftee has a discrete, non-bulky way to carry their phone or keys. This is perfect for folks who need a little reminder to stay on track or for those who struggle to do mental math once they get further and further into the race. Yes, running can be an art form in itself, especially if you take course maps and frame them on the wall. Run Ink takes popular courses in the U. You can just gesture to the print hanging on your wall.

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There is something to be said about your relationship to a runner if you know that they would heavily benefit from Body Glide. To help ease chafing worries and for a laugh when they pull this out of their stocking invest in this deodorant-shaped stick of Body Glide. Your favorite runner can say farewell to chafing, and you can say goodbye to listening to them complain about it. Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time. The 20 best gifts for runners that they'll actually want. Best gifts for runners Lux Fit foam roller.

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